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Business Agreements
As a company Puppy View focuses on following a specific business strategy. From the beginning we wanted to focus on making sure the company has met all the little legal agreements, whether that is paying the small loan that we had to take or that we have met all the certain health standards that we follow. Now that we have the company built and built room for growth we want to focus on adding more dogs to the company so that we can see bigger revenue gains.

Health Agreements
For a small company like Puppy View to operate you have to be able to stay on top of many little things so that the company is legally standing and cant be taken away from us. Each certain dog needs to make sure that it is update with all health issues being vaccines and medication. By keeping all the dogs up to date with paperwork, we will be able to keep all the dogs on record so that customers can not come back at us and try to sue us. Also when it comes to health of your dog.

Client Agreement
If your dog is hurt while at puppy view and needs certain medical care all payments will be covered by pet owner which is written in our terms of use page. Lastly we have to make sure that all clients sign an agreement so that we have permission to do all the daily activities that we do.

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