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Q- What is a doggy daycare?
A- A doggy daycare is much like a daycare you take your children to. While your dog is at the daycare they will be doing many activities just like children would at there daycare.

Q- How does a doggy daycare benefit my dog?
A- Besides letting your dog have fun playing with other dogs, there are many things such as health benefits; being walked or doing outdoor activities so that your dog can stay healthy. Also having your dog come to the daycare will help allow him to build better social skills from dog to dog.

Q- How does a doggy daycare benefit me?
A- First you have to look at it from a safety stand point, it is much safer having your dog come to a daycare where you know who will be taking care of your dog. Also having a little more freedom so that you don’t feel that you are always having to do things for the dog especially after a long day of work.

Q- What does a daycare offer that make it a happy experience for my dog?
A- By offering a safe, clean and comfortable play area. Small dogs stay with small dogs, and big dogs stay with big dogs. Most of all we have a staff like no else that is attentive and educated on your dog.

Q- While my dog is at the daycare can I make other appointments for my dog?
A- While your dog is in our hands you are able to make any appointment you would like under certain circumstances. There has to be a open time for your dog to get groomed or cleaned, but when it comes to products within the company, all products can be bought during store hours.

Q- How do I know if a daycare is right for my dog?
A- It all depends on your dog for instance older dogs usually have the hardest time adjusting because they have been in one area there whole life, small shy dogs may be overwhelmed by all the dogs, and if your dog is mean aggressive the doggy daycare is not the place for him.

Q- What sort of temperament do you look for in my dog?
A- We hope for all dogs to get along, if there is a problem with a dog being aggressive we will separate him from the other dogs in the group, and if your dog has been injured or hurt we will be able to take the proper care of them as well.

Q- What do you look for in the dogs prior to bringing them to the daycare?
A- It is a pretty simple, your dog must be up date with all medications and vaccines such as a rabies shot. If your dog is not nurtured you need to know that it could cause more aggression in the dog.

Q- How secure is it for my dog to be playing outside?
A- Safety is our number one concern so we made sure to make all our fences high enough so that dogs can not jump out, and put a solid ground in so that they are not able to dig it out.

Q- What if there was an emergency?
A- We make sure that all employees are educated on proper training and medical techniques. If the emergency is bad enough to where are trained employees can not handle it, we can call the local vet and get them there immediately.


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